Sponsor a kennel at Three Rivers Humane Society!

Every year, our greatest challenge is covering the costs of sheltering, feeding and caring for the animals we serve. We seek grants, collect bottles and cans, and appeal for donations all year round to cover these expenses. But the costs just keep growing!

Kennel Sponsors are the heroes who help bridge gaps in our funding and keep us on track.

Corporations, small businesses, families, individuals–everyone is invited to sponsor a kennel!

Here’s how it works:

  • Kennel sponsors donate $600 per year to cover the operations at Three Rivers Humane Society
  • Sponsors make a one-time donation, or contribute $50 monthly through an automatic withdrawal via credit card or bank account

Here’s what it provides:

  • A full year of support to cover the costs of the kennel, including food, heating and cooling, caretakers and vet care!

Here’s what you get in return:

  • A plaque honoring you, your business, or a beloved family member, friend or pet
  • A photo of a pet hosted in your kennel mailed to you with your plaque visible
  • A thank you on social media with your plaque front and center
  • Your name included in our website list of kennel sponsors
  • Your name included in our published annual report of $500+ donors
  • A tax-deductible contribution
  • Gratitude: From us, the animals, and our community who will know that you stepped up to answer this need


If you choose both you are committing to $100 per month or $1200 per year.
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2021-2022 Three Rivers Humane Society Kennel Sponsors

Adrienne Bank

Amber Clegg

Amber Clegg

Amber Israelsen

Amelia Coffey

Ann Dahlen

Ann Havill

Antoinette McGarvey

Ashley Alter

Ashley Rogers

Barbara McCurdy

Bob Jakse

Brianna Carvajal

Christopher Munson

Christy Bernheim

C.J. Hitchcock

Colleen Robinson

Connecticut Longaker

Curt & Lynn Millington

Deborah West

Diana Crum

Dominique Cotherman

Don and Sandy Boyer

Ellen Santasiero

Erin Pryor

Gayle Rodriguez

Ginger Van Loo

Gloria Mathews and Jane Conover

Jane Wilson

Jeanne Wadsworth

Jeff and Lora Blackburn

Jesse King

Jill Otermat

Jody Vaughn

Joe Klemz

John Trammell

Joyce Pickersgill

Judy Bicart

Kathy Coon

Kathy Landry

Kim and Hardy Dimick

Kirsten Newton

Kolby Louis

Kurt Ocker and Debora Lucas

Larie Borden

Linda Spencer

Lorelee Dendauw

Lori Oswald

Marie Kitchen

Marie Krebs

Marlene Sweet

Mary Enderle

Mary Fister

Martha Marple

Maureen Caldwell

Maya Garcia

Mike Grossnickle

MJ Boswell

Mrs. Merlin Moon

Mud Bay

Pamela Still

Rene Pizzo

Renee Smit

Sarah Cox

Sharon Parr

Sheila Dooley

Susan Gray

Susan Jones

Suzanne Fix

Teresa Batza

Terri Anderson

The Churchill Family

The Perez Family