Dog Licensing

Welcome to the portal for Jefferson county dog licensing. Please fill out the form below, upload your dogs current rabies certificate, and click the submit button for payment and we’ll do the rest, that easy. We will mail you conformation and a new tag if needed once we receive your application

Owner Information
Dog Information
Rabies Information
Please note that all dogs must have proof of rabies before a licence will be issued

This is a required field, you must upload a rabies certificate. If you do not have a copy you will need to contact your vet and have them issue a new one.
Your Rabies certificate must be good for the entire term of the license. In some cases where the rabies certificate is not good for the full year you will need to come back and relicense early when your rabies certificate expires and with an updated rabies certificate.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Current Rabies Certificate
If no please calculate the number of months the license is good for. Start with next month and count the months up to the expirations date including the expiration month. Click the corresponding number of months in the license categories.
License Purchase
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